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Moral Phobia. Ein Zeitgeist-Glossar von Achtsamkeit bis Zigarette

Welcome to the age of morality! No more beer on the metro, compulsory helmets for cyclists, no smoking please, eat healthily – best of all vegan, and organic, of course. Whether in everyday life, politics or consumption – nobody can ignore the growing trend towards moral paternalism.

In cooperation with Bitten Setter, Gudberg Neger Verlag, 2015

Design Ecology! Neo-grüne Markenstrategien

"Design Ecology” is on the communication design of various eco-brands and branches. The visual part that presents examples of selected eco-products, labels, initiatives and services is complemented by reports and interviews.

In cooperation with Jutta Nachtwey, Verlag Hermann Schmidt, 2008

Fake For Real - Über die private und politische Taktik des So-tun-als-ob

"Fake For Real" analyzes the blurring between what is authentic and what is artificial in a world of seemingly limitless possibilities and points out the power of the fake as a smart and subtle instrument of political and social intervention.

In cooperation with Silke Becker, Campus Verlag, 2005

Fake For Real was staged as a play by Kevin Rittberger in 2007 at Haus 73, Hamburg.

Schluss mit lustig. Warum Leistung und Disziplin mehr bringen als emotionale Intelligenz, Teamgeist und Soft Skills.

"Fun is Out" pokes fun at the workplace myth that arose from the New Economy and shows the sardonic truth of the everyday work life in modern companies. It was published in the Netherlands, South Korea, Finland and Brazil.

Eichborn Verlag, 2002


Articles on popular culture and Zeitgeist phenomena.

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